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Gregg Goldfarb

Attorney / Activist

I am attorney, activist, investor and entrepreneur for over 27 years. My law office is located downtown Miami, Florida right across the street from State and Federal Courthouses.   As an attorney, I have focused on insurance claims, personal injuries, mass torts, civil rights and public interest cases. In the insurance world, I have represented over 100 medical providers in their efforts to secure payment of their medical bills for treating automobile accident victims.   I have filed and handled well over 4000 lawsuits against various insurance companies when these bills get denied.   I have also represented 100s of individuals who been involved in automobile accidents and injured.    Slip and falls, premises liability, and sexual abuse are but a few of the other types of personal injury cases that I have handled throughout my career.

In the mass tort space, I am currently representing individuals involved in numerous mass torts including the litigation referred to as Roundup, Hernia Mesh, 3M Earplugs, Xeljanz, Juul, Zantac,  Paraquat, Talc to name a few.   In the past, I also represented individual in the Phen/Fen, Vioxx and hip replacement litigations. Typically with the mass tort cases, I bring in the best law firms for each of the particular types of litigation.


During the earlier part of my career, I represented whistleblowers who blew the whistle on the private prison industry and the job corps programs.   I also had the honor of representing several disabled individuals that were denied access to a variety of business, programs, and services, including successfully representing a class action case against Miami-Dade County regarding their entire bus system.

Outside of litigation and being a lawyer, I started an environmental non-profit organization called Clean Miami River and spent over a decade on the board of directors of the South Florida Center for Independent Living, including a 2 year stint as President.    Currently in addition to my legal practice, I am also the host and creator of Cut to the Chase: podcast, which focuses on compelling legal and public interest cases.



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