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Many times, companies develop drugs, medical devices or products that turn out to be defective.   Whether it be an SUV that has a proclivity to roll over, a mesh device that causes numerous internal damage, a drug that causes cancer, a weedkiller that causes cancer if not properly handled, the world has proven to be a dangerous place for the consumer. Unfortun-ately, history has shown that many companies fail to report adverse incidents to regulators or fail to warn the product users of known dangers. Some product manufacturers market products as completely safe, when nothing can be further from the truth.  As we have learned time and time again, our regulators are not always properly protecting the public and numerous people die and suffer while big business profits all the while.   


When this happens, we oftentimes get class actions and mass torts.   While both class actions and mass torts usually involve thousands of injured individuals, class actions typically deal with the same type of economic injury to the victims.   One case is litigated on behalf of all the indidivuals in the class action. In mass torts, typically the individuals injured by the product or device, suffer injuries that are personal to each of them. The injuries can range from small to serious, if not death. Those cases are typically handled by one Judge in one Court, but each case is dealt with one by one. The pretrial work is handled uniformly by the Judge and the lead attorneys from both sides. However, each of the cases has it’s own trial. The objective is for the Judge to try a handful of cases so that everyone can see the likely results. Settlement is then encouraged by the Court to cover all cases, or a large portion of them.  


As the planet continues to expand, get hotter, and impact pretty much all things on this planet, the show brings on guests discussing several of the key topics of our day.

Whether it be the story of pesticides and killing weeds, how to recycle and where the recycling industry is going, to the impacts of climate change, the show will focus on bringing the best guests to discuss these topics. The show even has an episode where a politician discusses the recycling program in Miami Dade County and a fertilizer ordinance that is designed to keep public bodies of water from getting polluted  from the dangerous chemicals contained in fertilizers.


In addition to mass torts, this section of podcasts cover other legal issues. The issues can run from legal and regulatory issues in the cryptocurrency world that might be of interest to individuals that own Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies. As the threat of regulations takes hold, these cryptocurrencies value might swing low and high. 


We will even cover legal and regulatory issues in the securities world which might be of interest for those that own stock. This year has been very exciting as Robinhood, Reddit, and the meme stocks have become major players in the world of stock investments. Every so often, a tax issue might make front page news and we will do our best to bring on economists and tax specialists to discuss what it all means.  


This section will also contain episodes designed for lawyers and litigants, including the ins and out of litigation financing. Litigation financing has become a major force in the world of mass torts, intellectual property litigation, and other high costs cases. However, we also have episodes for individuals in smaller cases that might be of some assistance while their case plays out. And don’t be surprised if we even bring on a guest that talks about law and our culture. So many movies and books delve into legal issues or cases that highlight facets of the legal world that might compel this show to dive right into.


The universe is vast complex and ever expanding. While much of the universe is understood, a lot remains to be discovered. The podcast features different scientists from different expertises who come on the show to try and explain the universe and other sciences in a way which the average listener can understand. Episodes ranging from the big bang, to galaxies, dark matter, anti matter, dark energy, the solar system, the planets, the fundamental forces of nature, light are but a few of the topics discussed. When new discoveries or observations are made that can shed light on our understanding are made public, we try and get a scientist onto the show to explain the discovery and observation so that we can understand.


And of course you can hear a meteorologist from the National Hurricane Center discuss climate change and it’s impact on hurricanes, cyclones, and typhoons.


Guests that

Other podcasts discuss a variety of topics. This section is podcasts where I make guest appearances on.


Insurance is just one of those things that we need to know about to make sure our interests our properly protected. Consider it part of your financial plan. The show tries to focus on automobile related insurance. You can find several episodes with an insurance expert discussing all the types of coverage available to someone driving a vehicle and what each coverage actually covers. Whether it’s uninsured motorists coverage, bodily injury, comprehensive, collision, property damage, it is key for those that drive to get the correct coverage. 


Maybe you are engaging in ride sharing such as uber or lyft. Or you are delivering food through grub hub, door dash, uber eats or are delivering other products, do you know if you are covered from your auto policy if you damage someone’s property or if you injure someone----well you better. Check out our episodes featuring these topics.


And of course, since the host specializes in Florida Personal Injury Protection type litigation, we have discussions on this type of insurance as well.





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