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November 16, 2022: Practical Tax with Steve Moskowitz

George Nagle is a former Global Executive Director of Marketing with responsibility for a portfolio of over $352 million. He’s joined by Personal Injury Attorney Gregg Goldfarb who discusses where injury and taxes intersect.

Gregg Goldfarb | Walker v. Miami-Dade County | $1,500,000 verdict

This week Steve and Yvonne interview Gregg Goldfarb of Gregg M. Goldfarb, LLP ( and the “Cut to the Chase” Podcast (

February 14, 2023: The Great Trials Podcast

January 26, 2023: Twelve Minute Talks with Larena Tomasini

There’s a first for everything. Gregg Goldfarb, attorney, has over 25 years of experience representing clients, including individuals, small businesses, and medical professionals. His practice provides dedicated representation for clients in cases that include accidents, defective products, insurance claims, PIP insurance claims, civil rights, and whistleblower claims. He also hosts the “Cut to the Chase” Podcast where they talk about compelling legal cases and more.


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